What is Adjustable Gastric Banding? What You Need To Know

What is Adjustable Gastric Banding? What You Need To Know
Bariatric surgery in Lubbock, West Texas,is one of the best ways to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time. However, most bariatric procedures are permanent, very expensive, and require a lifetime commitment to healthy eating habits. As a result, the adjustable gastric band was invented. In its first decade, the adjustable gastric band was touted as a surgical method for losing weight that didn’t require a complete rerouting of the digestive system. So, you might ask: what is a gastric band? Is the gastric banding procedure worth it?

What Is An Adjustable Gastric Band?

The adjustable gastric band is a procedure that was created to be a reversible alternative to the gastric bypass. The way it works is that a thin band is placed around the stomach, creating a pouch almost similar to what the gastric bypass procedure uses. The difference is that the pouch is not a permanent one, and only exists because of the band.

It’s the least invasive bariatric surgery available, which made it attractive for patients who did not want a lengthy recovery process. It’s also fully reversible: all the surgeon needs to do is remove the band.

Is The Gastric Banding Procedure Recommended?

[redacted] offers the procedure, however it must be noted that most surgeons nowadays do not recommend using the adjustable gastric band as an alternative to more invasive bariatric procedures.

The first reason is that the band seems less costly but is not much less expensive than the gastric sleeve. Most patients who get the gastric band will want it removed eventually, and this procedure is often not discussed in the costs of getting a gastric band.

The second reason is that the gastric band has caused some complications in patients. The gastric bypass and gastric sleeve have shown to be safer procedures, despite the fact that they’re more invasive.

The third reason is that the gastric band simply isn’t as effective as the gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass. [redacted] recommends that patients who do decide to get lap band surgery in Mexico should consider getting gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico instead.

[redacted] provides lap band surgery in Mexico, along with gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures.

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