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Our physicians are experts in their fields. They give trusted advice on all of your weight loss needs before deciding on what surgery fits your specific needs and will answer any questions or concerns you have before you commit to a particular weight loss plan. Please review the information provided below and if you are interested in learning more, check the links below to sign up for a seminar explaining bariatric surgery and the lifestyle changes involved.

  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Lap-Band®
  • Orbera® Balloon
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Considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The gastric sleeve process is proven to work by reducing the space for food in your stomach and the feeling of hunger between meals. The procedure removes a large portion of your stomach, reducing it to the size of a small banana or arm sleeve shape, to restrict the food you can consume in a meal. You will feel full after a much smaller meal than you may be accustomed.


This procedure is not reversible, so considerable time will be taken to ensure that this is the best option for you, but there are many perks to this procedure that will be discussed in during the pre- operative process.. People generally lose 60% of their extra weight over 12 to 18 months. Medical conditions that can be resolved due to obesity.. Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Exercise and eating right are required to experience these kinds of weight changes.

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For Lasting Change

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a “Tool” in resolving the obesity health issues. This procedure demands that each person make changes to their lifestyles both mentally and physically and emotionally, in order for success to be achieved. All patients stay one night in the hospital then discharged to home with information to assist in the healing process. West Texas Bariatrics asks that all patients come see their surgeon two weeks after their bariatric surgery, and to follow up frequently to help monitor their success of weight loss surgery. During these visits we will review their medications, weight loss, and overall health.

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Is Gastric Bypass Right For You?

The gastric bypass surgery is the oldest form of bariatric surgery and has the record of successful weight loss and permanent weight change in patients. There are fewer complications with this surgery because it is not a more invasive open surgery like other options.


Laparoscopic gastric bypass allows for weight loss by, restricting food, absorption of calories, hunger suppression, and the overall feeling of being full. It does this by making a small pouch, the size of a large walnut where food will pass through and excluding a more substantial portion of the stomach. By redirecting portion of the stomach to the rest of the small intestine, you will eat less food and keep the part that is no longer being used.

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For Lasting Change

In this operation, no organs are removed, no foreign implants are placed, and only small incisions are made, so it requires less recovery time than other options. It will require an overnight stay in the hospital. There will be significant diet changes as well as restrictions to assure that the weight loss and recovery go as planned. Along with the gastric Sleeve surgery, patients are encouraged to stick to and follow the bariatric diet guidelines and exercise guidelines as instructed by our weight loss program. After gastric bypass, you will need to start taking a bariatric multi-vitamin and to saferguard an adequate nutrition and optimal health. West Texas Bariatrics asked that patients come into see the surgeon on a routine basis to oversee and evaluate your health.

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Wary Of A Drastic Surgery?

Lap-Band® procedures involve using an adjustable band to restrict a portion of the stomach so that only a small part of it is used. The upper, smaller pouch receives food and can only hold six to eight ounces ensuring you feel full more quickly. The food then enters the lower, larger pouch of the stomach, which further allows you to feel full for a more extended period. This helps patients lose 40-55% of excess weight.

This is an outpatient procedure requiring a minimal recovery period, but the significant changes will be with diet and exercise following the surgery. This particular procedure requires continual check-ups to adjust the band according to your diet, weight loss needs, and to avoid overfilling of the restricted portion of the stomach.

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For Lasting Change

If you had a band in place but did not receive it from us, we can take over adjusting the band and conducting your check-ups if for some reason you would like to switch providers. Any information about your band would be helpful but is not necessary, and fluoroscopy will need to be conducted to orient ourselves with your Lap-Band®.

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Wary Of Surgery?

The Orbera® Balloon surgery involves placing a small balloon, the size of a grapefruit, into the stomach to restrict the amount of food being consumed. The balloon is removed after six months, and the majority of weight loss occurs within the first year.

The initial procedure will involve placing the deflated balloon in your stomach by way of endoscopy. The patient is sedated during the procedure, and after the device is set, the physician will fill the balloon with a saline solution through a self-sealing valve, expanding it to create a spherical shape inside the stomach. The treatment is customized to a patient’s specific medical needs, and the balloon can be filled with 400 to 700 cc of saline solution. After adjusting the balloon to the correct position, the balloon can begin controlling your food portions. This procedure is minimally invasive and has a shorter recovery period than other procedure options.

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For Lasting Change

There are follow up procedures, and if you feel any discomfort, please notify your doctor. The balloon is removed by endoscopy after six months. The effects of the balloon will continue after it is removed and patients can expect to continue losing weight as long as they continue their diet and exercise. Orbera® is a procedure that has the benefits of significant weight loss without the invasiveness of surgery. However, no procedure option should be taken lightly. Please discuss with your doctor all of your options before fully committing to this surgery.

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