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Our physicians are experts in their fields. They give trusted advice on all of your weight loss needs before deciding on what surgery fits your specific needs and will answer any questions or concerns you have before you commit to a particular weight loss plan. Please review the information provided below and if you are interested in learning more, check the links below to sign up for a seminars explaining bariatric surgery and the lifestyle changes involved.

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Wary Of Surgery?

In our Orbera® Balloon surgery procedure in Lubbock, TX, we place a small balloon, the size of a grapefruit, into the stomach to restrict the amount of food being consumed. The balloon is removed after six months, and the majority of weight loss occurs within the first year.

The initial procedure will involve placing the deflated balloon in your stomach by way of endoscopy. The patient is sedated during the procedure, and after the device is set, the physician will fill the balloon with a saline solution through a self-sealing valve, expanding it to create a spherical shape inside the stomach. The treatment is customized to a patient’s specific medical needs, and the balloon can be filled with 400 to 700 cc of saline solution. After adjusting the balloon to the correct position, the balloon can begin controlling your food portions. This procedure is minimally invasive and has a shorter recovery period than other procedure options.

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For Lasting Change

There are follow up procedures, and if you feel any discomfort, please notify your doctor. The balloon is removed by endoscopy after six months. The effects of the balloon will continue after it is removed and patients can expect to continue losing weight as long as they continue their diet and exercise. Our Orbera® Balloon surgery in Lubbock, TX is a procedure that has the benefits of significant weight loss without the invasiveness of surgery. However, no procedure option should be taken lightly. Please discuss with us all of your options before fully committing to this surgery.

Along with orbera baloon surgery in Lubbock, MX, we also offer gastric sleeve, orbera balloon & gastric bypass, surgery. So Call us at 806 771 2222 to book an appointment with our expert physicians to check what surgery fits your specific needs.

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know what you can expect

Our free seminars are designed to meet any concerns you have and give accurate information into what you can expect from each type of bariatric surgery. This time is created for you to bring any questions you have for our physician to answer.


Frequently Asked Questions About Orbera Balloon Surgery in Lubbock, TX

Orbera balloon procedure cost can vary depending on a lot of factors, including insurance and where you get the procedure. Our prices at West Texas Bariatric are standard, however to get a quote you’ll need to contact us over the phone or through an appointment.

The Orbera balloon is a non-surgical procedure.

The Orbera balloon is safe, and it’s fully reversible. The Orbera balloon does not come with any of the risks of surgery, such as surgical infection or blood clots. However, there is a risk of severe complications such as gastric perforation and balloon overinflation. These complications are rare.

In several different clinical trials, patients who used the Orbera gastric balloon system lost between 10% and 20% of their body weight in six months. However, many patients lose a much greater amount of weight, and total excess weight loss of up to 47% has been reported. Expect to lose about 15-20% of excess weight.

Small leaks or slight balloon deflation can happen, and the liquid inside the balloon will leave the body naturally. You will be able to notice the leak in your urine or stool (it will be blue-green), and the most noticeable sign of a leak is feeling less full after a meal. In case of deflation, report back to the surgeon immediately to replace the balloon. Passing the balloon through stool can lead to obstruction.

It is not recommended that women get pregnant while the gastric balloon is in the stomach. Women who plan to conceive within six months of getting the Orbera gastric balloon are not candidates for the procedure, and neither are women who are already pregnant.

Most exercises are allowed for gastric balloon patients. In fact, continuing or starting an exercise regimen is highly recommended for Orbera gastric balloon patients. The only thing that isn’t recommended is combat training or contact sports that can involve blows to the abdomen.


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