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If you are struggling at losing weight and have health conditions related to obesity, then take the first step to a healthier you by contacting West Texas Bariatrics. Our physicians are experts in a range of bariatric surgeries in Lubbock, TX, such as gastric sleeve surgery and lap-band surgery, and can help you with any special conditions that are related to your operation or goals. We specialize in providing bariatric services across Lubbock and West Texas.
Take the First Step to Healthier life with Weight Loss Surgery in Lubbock, TX

Take the first step to a happier, healthier lifestyle with Bariatric surgery in Lubbock, TX.

We’ve suspended seminars due to Covid-19 Pandemic. For immediate questions about weight loss surgery call the Bariatric Coordinator Tiffany 806-771-2222 or email twillis@lubbocksurgical.com

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Bariatric Surgery - West Texas Bariatric at SWAT Surgical


Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Sleeve in Lubbock at West Texas Bariatric

Gastric Sleeve

Reduce the size of the stomach to control your hunger and weight.

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Gastric Bypass - West Texas Bariatric At Swat Surgical

Gastric Bypass

Trim food intake with bypass surgery.

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Lap-band - West Texas Bariatric At Swat Surgical


Restrict your intake with Lap-Band® surgery.

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Orbera Balloon Surgery in Lubbock, TX

orbera® Balloon

Stop overeating by filling your stomach.

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Our free seminars are designed to meet any concerns you have and give accurate information into what you can expect from each type of bariatric surgery. This time is created for you to bring any questions you have for our physician to answer.  Register for an upcoming seminar on our Seminars registration page.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Surgery

The right bariatric surgery for you depends on several factors, such as BMI, weight loss history, complications due to obesity, your budget, and whether you want a reversible solution or not. Since there are several different options to choose from, you should schedule a consultation with one of our doctors so we can help you figure out which bariatric surgery is right for you.

Weight loss surgery can have a wide range of different costs, depending on the procedure, your insurance, and where you decide to get it. Our surgery costs are standard, but it depends on your procedure. If you want a quote, call us and ask us for a list of prices.

In general, no exercise should be performed for the first two weeks after the surgery. Your doctor will then give you a checkup and let you know whether or not they recommend exercise. However, most patients can start doing daily walks after about 2 weeks, and more strenuous exercise after a few months.

Weight loss surgeries work differently depending on the procedure, but most of them work by restricting the amount of food you can eat in a single sitting while also limiting the absorption of calories from the food you eat. It’s more effective than diet and exercise alone for severely obese patients.

This depends on the procedure and how much weight you’re starting at. People who undergo gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery, two very common procedures, tend to lose about 50-60% of their excess weight on average. For example, if your starting weight is 300 pounds and your ideal weight is 150 pounds, you can expect to lose about 75-90 pounds of that weight.

Obese patients tend to have a number of comorbidities, or associated health conditions. Weight loss surgery can reduce or eliminate hypertension, send type 2 diabetes mellitus into remission, and reduce issues with sleep apnea regardless of the amount of weight lost.

In order to accurately answer this, you’ll need to consult with us over the phone and have an appointment with one of our surgeons. On the phone, we’ll be able to tell you how long it’ll take you to get an appointment. During the appointment, your surgeon will let you know when you can expect a surgery date.

Gastric sleeve surgery is an inpatient procedure that typically does not take very long. However, gastric sleeve patients stay overnight in the hospital before they’re discharged. This is to monitor the patient for potential complications.