Bariatric Pouch Reset: Restarting Your Weight Loss Journey After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

West Texas Bariatrics Gastric Sleeve Patient Holding A Basket of Apples While on a Pouch Reset Diet

The bariatric pouch reset is a short-term dietary regimen designed to help individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery regain control over their eating habits and manage portion sizes. So what is a bariatric pouch reset, exactly? There are many bariatric pouch reset benefits. If you’re considering a pouch reset in West Texas, and wondering how […]

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery: What to Expect in the First 3 Weeks

West Texas Bariatrics Patient Standing on Scale

Everyone will undergo some life changes after gastric sleeve surgery, especially in the first three weeks. First, it’s important to understand what this surgery is and how it works. Gastric sleeve surgery is a minimally invasive procedure and involves the removal of a portion of the stomach, resulting in a smaller stomach pouch. The reduced […]

Diet Progression Stages After Bariatric Surgery

healthy food for bariatric surgery patients

If you undergo bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lap-band adjustments & orbera balloon surgery, you won’t be able to eat the same foods for some time. Instead, you’ll be given a special diet that you must follow for the first month after bariatric surgery. Your diet will progress in stages starting with […]

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

A woman preparing for bariatric surgery at West Texas Bariatrics.

Undergoing bariatric surgery is a life-changing decision that requires careful preparation. The preoperative phase plays a crucial role in optimizing your health and readiness for the procedure. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps involved in preoperative preparation for bariatric surgery. Dietary Modifications and Lifestyle Changes: A significant aspect of your […]

Why It’s Important to Eat a High-Protein Diet After Bariatric Surgery

Why It’s Important to Eat a High-Protein Diet After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an excellent first step in your journey toward weight loss. However, diet is also essential in helping you sustain long term health and weight loss goals.For this reason, you should avoid high fat, high sugar foods in favor of high protein foods. The benefits of high protein foods for bariatric patients are […]

When Can I Exercise After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Why Support Groups are the Key to Successful Weight Loss at West Texas Bariatrics

Gastric sleeve is a popular weight loss surgery that involves eliminating a portion of the stomach. After surgery, it’s essential to give yourself time to recover and heal before you begin any exercise program. For example, back pain is a common side effect after gastric sleeve surgery, so it’s essential to allow your muscles and […]

Joining a Support Group is the Key to Successful Weight Loss

When Can I Go To The Gym After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Losing weight is a challenging task. Bariatric surgeries are becoming increasingly popular, but many individuals still struggle with traditional weight loss methods – especially when maintaining their newly achieved body composition. A support group brings together individuals on the same journey in pursuing health and wellness goals, providing an invaluable source of motivation, guidance, and […]

How to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

How to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If you’re like most people who have had gastric sleeve surgery, you’ve probably lost a lot of weight in the early stages. Sometimes, a revision may be needed to help with certain complications like acid reflux or insufficient weight loss. Read more: Is It Possible To Do Gastric Sleeve Surgery Twice? However, sometimes you may […]

Can I Eat Popcorn After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Can I eat popcorn after gastric sleeve surgery?

Weight loss surgeries like gastric sleeve can help you lose excess weight and require lifestyle changes. You may need to follow a specific diet after surgery to ensure you recover properly and maintain your weight loss. Read more: Foods To Avoid Following Your Gastric Sleeve Procedure. Popcorn is considered a whole grain food, meaning it’s […]