Exercise After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Exercise After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Once you get gastric bypass surgery in Lubbock, life changes. You have to get through the recovery period, maintain a strict diet, and exercise more than you did before.

For many patients, exercise is the most difficult part of the routine to maintain, but it is one of the essential components to bariatric surgery success. Here is what you need to know about exercise after gastric bypass surgery.

1. It Starts as Soon as You Are Home

No, you should not jump into a CrossFit routine the day you get home from the hospital. But you should focus on being active. Even just walking for a handful of minutes a few times a day will help your metabolism start working better while also promoting healing.

Try to push yourself just a little bit more each day. As you feel more comfortable, add in new elements, such as weights, different types of exercise, and more intense cardio. Just be careful not to attempt anything that could cause injury until your doctor clears you.

2. There Are Different Levels of Exercise to Try

We tend to break down exercise into four categories: light, cardio, weight training, and interval training. You should incorporate each of these into your workout routines. Here are some examples of each type of exercise:

  •        Light Exercise: Walking, using the elliptical, hiking an easy trail
  •      Cardio: Jogging, running, most sports
  •      Weight Training: Free weights, body weight, yoga
  •      Interval Training: CossFit, boot camps, personal trainers

3. Your Exercise Should Increase as Time Goes By

Right after surgery, you will be on a very limited diet. Then, in about a month, you start trying new things. Then again after a few months, you might expand your habits to include more foods.

The approach to exercise is similar. You start off slow and small, taking it easy, seeing what you can do. Then, over time, you steadily increase your physical activity. It is important to push yourself a bit to ensure growth, but also to hold back, especially at first, to avoid injury.

So, what might exercise after gastric bypass look like?

1-6 Months After Surgery

You should get in light walking as soon as your surgery is over, but by a month out, you need to start an actual exercise regimen. During these months, focus on mobility, strength training, and getting in 30 minutes of continuous exercise at least three days a week.

6-12 Months After Surgery

Your goal during these months is to work your way up to 45 minutes of continuous exercise at least four days a week. You should still work on mobility and strength, but also start getting in more and more cardio.

One Year and Forward

Now, you should aim for 45 minutes of continuous exercise at least 4 to 5 days a week, with plenty of cardio and strength training worked in. In fact, now is a great time to incorporate interval training, such as CrossFit, to really challenge yourself.

Ultimately, exercise after weight loss surgery is essential. However, the way it looks for you can vary.

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