Pros and Cons of Different Weight Loss Surgeries

Pros and Cons of Different Weight Loss Surgeries
Bariatric surgeries are often the next step for people struggling to lose weight. Bariatric surgery is more commonly referred to as weight loss surgery. These procedures involve the removal of parts of a patient’s stomach or a shortening of their intestines.
For those who’ve struggled to stick to a diet or exercise regiment, these drastic approaches to weight loss often make a significant impact on their lives.
Typical candidates for weight loss surgery fall within the BMI range of 35-40. But since there are many different types of weight loss procedures, so choosing one that is best for you can often be difficult and potentially research-intensive.

Thankfully the pros and cons of modern weight loss procedures are well documented, which can make the process of choosing the right procedure much less stressful.

Regardless of the surgery you decide on, you can expect to significantly lower your risk for cardiovascular complications and other weight-related health issues. But since everyone has different weight loss goals and medical backgrounds, it’s important to decide on what surgery works best for you.
Probably the most common and well-known weight loss procedures are the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. Gastric sleeve procedures remove large amounts of the stomach and makes it so patients feel fuller much faster. The bypass procedure makes it so a small pouch is inserted on top of the stomach, which becomes the only part of the stomach that can hold food.
The downsides of the bypass procedure are that the surgery is permanent and results in significantly reduced nutrient absorption. And gastric sleeves, while lower in risk, work a lot slower than the bypass procedure.
Other procedures like the gastric balloon and gastric banding are less permanent and drastic. Gastric banding is relatively low risk and is completely reversible. Gastric ballooning is also not permanent and can in fact be performed multiple times if the patient desires. If you are considering having a weight loss surgery and confused about whether to go for the gastric sleeve or gastric balloon surgery, then read our blog on “DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GASTRIC SLEEVE AND GASTRIC BALLOON SURGERY
Of course, gastric balloons can cause many unpleasant side effects in the short-term. And gastric bandings run the risk of becoming damage, which can be extremely painful and will require emergency surgery.

These are just some of the more common weight loss procedures available. Make sure you thoroughly research your options and consult your medical professional before deciding.

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