Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a great way to lose a lot of weight very quickly. In fact, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures expect patients to lose at least 50% of their excess weight in the first year after surgery.

Some women are concerned about whether or not they’ll be able to have a baby after bariatric surgery. Is pregnancy after bariatric surgery a good idea? Can you have a baby after bariatric surgery? You’ll learn about it in this article.

Before deciding to get weight loss surgery, you need to know who qualifies for weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery & Pregnancy

Weight loss surgery involves reducing your stomach’s size and/or bypassing a part of your intestine in order to reduce the amount of calories your body can absorb.

Women who are pregnant would not qualify for weight loss surgery, but if you want to get pregnant in the future, should you have bariatric surgery?

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Is It Safe To Have a Baby After Weight Loss Surgery?

In general, it is safe to have a baby after weight loss surgery. But, there are some caveats. First, it is NOT safe to get pregnant immediately after weight loss surgery, nor is it safe to have weight loss surgery while pregnant! No bariatric surgeon would perform weight loss surgery on a pregnant woman, and bariatric surgeons will ask you whether or not you plan to get pregnant in the near future.

There are risks associated with bariatric surgery that could affect your ability to be healthy while pregnant.

Risks Of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery presents several risks that, although rare, can affect your ability to get pregnant. These risks include:

  • Blood clots
  • Hernias
  • Malnutrition
  • Hormonal problems

Women who want to have weight loss surgery will have to defer their pregnancy plans for a little while so that they don’t suffer from these risks when they do get pregnant. But how long should you wait to get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

How Long Should I Wait To Get Pregnant?

If you have to wait after bariatric surgery to get pregnant, how long should you wait?

This article cited a study that implied that women should wait at least three years before trying to get pregnant. The reality is that women need to wait until they are fully healed and have lost the majority of the weight they intended to lose. Ideally, a woman will have adopted a healthy lifestyle and will have reached a healthy weight before she decides to get pregnant.

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