Foods to Avoid Early on After Lap-Band Surgery

Foods to Avoid Early on After Lap-Band Surgery

After your lap band surgery in Lubbock, life changes. This isn’t bad news; in fact, enacting major changes is the point of getting surgery. However, what you might not be certain about is how your diet after lap band surgery is going to look.

While gastric band surgery doesn’t alter the digestive system in the way bypass and sleeve procedures do, you will need to change what and how you eat. This is true for as long as the band is in place, but the biggest changes are temporary, lasting until you are fully recovered.

So, what foods should you avoid early on after lap band surgery?

Problematic Foods Early After Lap Band Surgery

In the early days after your surgery, your lap band diet will be highly restrictive. You’ll start with clear, thin liquids, then colored liquids, then thicker ones before moving into purees, soft foods, and eventually, solid foods.

During the healing stage, even once you move on to purees, soft foods, and solid items, there will still be certain foods that are off limits. The most important ones to avoid are those that expand in the stomach (think bread, rice, and pasta) as this can stress the stomach, anything with too much fiber (because it is difficult to digest), and things that are high in sugar and fat.

When introducing a new food, take it easy, see how your body reacts, and listen to the cues it gives you. Remember: there is a high risk of vomiting after surgery if you cause any stress on the stomach.

So, what are some specific items to either steer clear of or approach with caution as part of your diet after lap band?

  • Sugary Foods: For many people, sugar is an irritant, and when they consume too much, it triggers diarrhea. After lap band surgery, this is even truer. Plus, sugar is calorie-dense and doesn’t offer nutritional benefits.
  • Starchy Foods: Anything starchy has the ability to expand in the stomach. Given yours is now divided into smaller chambers, this is highly problematic. White bread, pasta, and rice are all very starchy and can cause you to feel too full.
  • Carbonated Beverages: Another food item that can take up too much space in your new small stomach are carbonated beverages. Due to the gas, they tend to enlarge the pouch and cause vomiting. Additionally, they offer no nutritional benefit and do not satisfy hunger.
  • High-Fat Foods: There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Be sure to avoid the unhealthy ones as the fat and grease will irritate your stomach. As for the healthy ones, they can still cause irritation at first because they are heavy on the stomach. Introduce them slowly and consume them in moderation.

Keep in mind that your diet after lap band might be customized to your needs, so while this is a good guide, never take the advice of a blog post over that given to you by your doctor.

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