Do You Need to Wait to have Sex Again After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Do You Need to Wait to have Sex Again After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery comes with many benefits for your body and your mind. One of the biggest changes is your confidence; many people find that even with just the initial weight loss in the first days after surgery, they feel much more attractive, even sexual. But is it OK to start having sex again so soon after gastric sleeve? We’ll explain everything you need to know about having sex again after your bariatric surgery.

When Can You Have Intercourse After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

How long after gastric sleeve can you have intercourse? This is going to vary between patients. However, we suggest that you wait at least one week before resuming any sexual activity so that your abdomen can heal. Intercourse, in particular, might take a few more weeks before you are healed enough for it to be comfortable.

How long after gastric sleeve surgery you can have intercourse also depends on how your procedure was performed. If your procedure was laparoscopic, you have small incisions—possibly just one incision at the belly button. This means you will heal faster than someone who needed an open-field approach. Your doctor should make it clear how long you need to abstain from sexual activity before you are released from the hospital.

Should I Stick to Certain Positions for Greater Comfort?

Your sex life is incredibly personal, so we cannot guide you too much here. We will say that any position that places pressure on the abdomen is more likely to be uncomfortable for you in the weeks after your gastric sleeve surgery. Many people find positions, where you lay on your side, are easier. Don’t be afraid to Google guides to get some inspiration.

What If I Am Feeling Insecure About My Body?

Typically, people find they feel better about their body after gastric sleeve surgery. However, sometimes people feel odd as they start losing weight. Whether this is due to sagging skin or more visible stretch marks, it is a normal part of the process. Don’t be afraid to work on this issue. If it helps, you can look into lingerie or other clothing items that boost your confidence while engaging in sexual activity.

Do I Need to Use Backup Birth Control?

If your primary method of birth control is hormonal, yes. Massive weight loss changes the way estrogen interacts with your fat cells. This can result in the pill and other hormonal methods being less effective than they were. Once your weight stabilizes, this will improve.

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