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Is Gastric Bypass Right For You?

The gastric bypass surgery is the oldest form of bariatric surgery and has the record of successful weight loss and permanent weight change in patients. There are fewer complications with this surgery because it is not a more invasive open surgery like other options.


Laparoscopic gastric bypass allows for weight loss by, restricting food, absorption of calories, hunger suppression, and the overall feeling of being full. It does this by making a small pouch, the size of a large walnut where food will pass through and excluding a more substantial portion of the stomach. By redirecting portion of the stomach to the rest of the small intestine, you will eat less food and keep the part that is no longer being used.

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For Lasting Change

In this operation, no organs are removed, no foreign implants are placed, and only small incisions are made, so it requires less recovery time than other options. It will require an overnight stay in the hospital. There will be significant diet changes as well as restrictions to assure that the weight loss and recovery go as planned. Along with the gastric Sleeve surgery, patients are encouraged to stick to and follow the bariatric diet guidelines and exercise guidelines as instructed by our weight loss program. After gastric bypass, you will need to start taking a bariatric multi-vitamin and to saferguard an adequate nutrition and optimal health. West Texas Bariatrics asked that patients come into see the surgeon on a routine basis to oversee and evaluate your health.