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Wary Of A Drastic Surgery?

Lap-Band® procedures involve using an adjustable band to restrict a portion of the stomach so that only a small part of it is used. The upper, smaller pouch receives food and can only hold six to eight ounces ensuring you feel full more quickly. The food then enters the lower, larger pouch of the stomach, which further allows you to feel full for a more extended period. This helps patients lose 40-55% of excess weight.

This is an outpatient procedure requiring a minimal recovery period, but the significant changes will be with diet and exercise following the surgery. This particular procedure requires continual check-ups to adjust the band according to your diet, weight loss needs, and to avoid overfilling of the restricted portion of the stomach.

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For Lasting Change

If you had a band in place but did not receive it from us, we can take over adjusting the band and conducting your check-ups if for some reason you would like to switch providers. Any information about your band would be helpful but is not necessary, and fluoroscopy will need to be conducted to orient ourselves with your Lap-Band®.